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Finding a unique sample dissertation proposal for MBA

There are many places online that students can visit to find unique dissertation proposals for MBA. MBA dissertations are notoriously hard for students to complete, and due to the heightened competition, only a very unique proposal will be able to receive funding. Due to this, it is good to have a unique proposal as a guideline when composing your own.


The purpose of a proposal is to show your faculty members why you should be granted funding for your research. Because funds are limited, not everyone wanting to do a dissertation can be granted money to undertake their research. As such, the only way to know which ideas are worthy of investment, proposals are presented.

Due to the fact that MBAs are very competitive courses, you have to really choose a unique topic to be in with a chance of getting the green light for your research. The purpose of a proposal is that you can tell the faculty members of why you want to undertake this project, what uses it will potentially have and how it can help the field, as a whole, advance.


The structure of your proposal is extremely important as it will aid your audience in understand your proposal better. The structure of a proposal is as follows:

  • Introduction: This should be a paragraph briefly explaining the topic you aim to be granted funding for, and why it is currently needed.
  • Methodology: This is an extremely important aspect of your proposal, as here you will discuss what methods you will employ during your research. You should also discuss on the possible limitations of your methodology.
  • Aims and objective: This section deals with why you want to undertake the research, what you wish to achieve with it and what results you expect. There should also be a brief literature review in this section, discussing the latest research in your topic.
  • Conclusion: This is a brief summarization of your proposal.

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