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How To Use A Dissertation Database To Choose A Topic

The difficulty in coming up with a dissertation topic on one’s own is paramount to scaling the tallest Mt. Everest. Students can try applying a number of strategies but can be left feeling helpless when trying to discover what is both interesting and original. Graduate students are encouraged to use a doctoral dissertation database when trying to find something that veritably pushes the envelope but is still manageable in size and scope. If you do not know how to use a dissertation online database, then this guide will be tremendously helpful:

Start with a List of the Topics that Interest You

The best approach is to begin as simple as possible. Before you start digging in a dissertation database free you should make a list of the topics that already interest you. These can come from a number of places – past studies, current issues, brainstorming sessions with colleagues, etc. – your list does not have to be comprehensive nor does it have to reflect a potential argument you might want to make. Key terms or phrases should be more than enough to get you started.

Have a Look at the Material You’ve Covered

Take a closer look at the items you listed. How many of these topics have you covered in your graduate courses and were these covered extensively or only briefly? This can help you narrow your focus to just a few areas that can be studied further while remaining manageable. Conduct a simple dissertation database search using keywords to bring up some ideas and pay close attention to the information listed on the abstract. If you can pull up more information (school libraries let you bring up entire dissertations) check to see if you can build on the available literature review to come up with ideas.

Search Databases for Current Topics & Issues

The really great thing about a dissertation abstracts database is that it helps you efficiently sort through a number of topics from recent years in order to find something that you might like to conduct research on. You should know by now that you can’t just replicate someone else’s work; instead, you must either build on or pose a different argument on the work that exists. When doing your search, stick to things that are current, preferably anything that has been researched in the last three years.

Ask a Professional Writing Service for Guidance

And lastly, there are professional options you should look into as well. A good professional service can always provide you with content from its database. Dissertation topics are just one of the things a quality service specializes in. You can access numerous resources, get personalized assistance from an expert who can review, edit, and proofread your work, or even have an expert come up with original topics for your graduate project. The options are limitless and are highly affordable too.

Other than seeking professional help or conducting your own search at a library, you might just want to try dissertation database Proquest which has thousands of documents stored and available to students all over the world. By perusing abstracts you might be able to develop your own topic based on what you find most interesting, but you can also conduct some preliminary research and build a literature review for your own work.

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